Monday, November 3, 2014

Mid-City Gym, 42nd Street

Mid-City Gym's other and now only branch, on 42th Street b/t 8th and 9th Avenue in New York City, is my new home gym. There's a truly odd safety squat rack with hard to adjust straps, and a crossfitty oly lifting area with two new safety rails for squatting. Two benches and an incline, no decline, dumbbells up to 120. Lots of machines, cables, etc. Nothing to write home about. Chalk is prohibited, but you can sneak it in. There is a decent culture of powerlifters and a few strongman/oly types. Update! There's now a normal safety squat rack, if you attach the safety squat arms to the Rogue rig. Plus you can bench there. Pretty good.
Deadlift friendlyYes
Safety squatYes
Safety benchNo
Bumper platesYes
Reverse HyperNo
StrongLifts friendlyYes

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